Kosovo’s economy is highly dependent on agriculture related industries which are expected to be the biggest sector of the economy. Agriculture is a vital development tool for achieving the Millennium Development Goals that demands for halving the share of people suffering from extreme poverty and hunger. Three out of four poor people in developing countries live in rural areas and most of them depend directly or indirectly from agricultural activities for their survival. Agriculture remains an important sector of Kosovo’s rural economy and a major source of potential for the development and reduction of poverty.

Household poverty and food security is a significant issue in remote project areas of rural Kosovo, in which many of families are under social assistance with orphans and widows. Most of these people are living with their relatives and guardians who also live in a very poor life where some of them depends on informal sectors which has very low income.

This leads to difficult situation which these families are experiencing poverty and malnutrition. The main causes of endemic rural poverty and food insecurity are many, but a few key ones are; lack of access to financial means required maximising farm productivity and providing healthy nutrition.

Poor families are usually unable to make enough money to ensure food security and healthy nutrition in their households.  A typical family requires not only land for farming but requires animals to produce eggs for healthy nutrition. Buying these animals is an issue for most families whereby the issues causes the lack of ability to diversify farm outputs for an improved income generating capacity. Studies proven that a rural family that is not involved in animal husbandry is poorer and sicker than one that does. The basic reason is that animals produce eggs, which has multiple commercial, and health uses.


The objective of this appeal is to increase the economic welfare and nutrition for 40 poor families




Republic Of Kosovo


RM 280,800



RM 790 per family
  • Provide Training


RM 1,190 per unit
  • Poultry House


RM 3,700
per poultry house
  • Poultry supplies
  • Incubators

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